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Increasing the health of your church

Start your survey and take your church on a journey to life

✓ Includes free book set
✓ Includes free eTests


Get your church's health overview, grow your weakest areas, and utilize our resources

You want your church to strive for a healthy community, right?

But it's not always easy...

Evangelism efforts not reaching new people for Christ

Young people leaving (or absent)

Lack of energy, enthusiasm, and passion among leaders and members, alike

Lack of involvement, empowerment, vision for the future, and lack of mutual trust

Resentment towards needed change

Church membership and/or attendance plateauing or declining


We don't just care about surveys,
we care about you and your church

25+ years of research

average growth rate increased by 50%

90,000+ churches helped

Start your survey and find out what your church can do to experience growth in your weakest areas 

The process consists of three parts

1. Assessing

In the Test Phase, you assess your present starting point; this includes evaluating your own or your church’s present state of fruitfulness.

I enjoy the tasks I do in our church...

Answer a quick survey

I know my gifts...

In my small group we trust each other...

It's anonymous!


Choose between paper or electronic

Focus on your minimum factor


Survey results

2. Identifying

In the Plan Phase, you focus your attention on what you have identified as a key area of need. This includes defining concrete action steps.

3. Thriving

In the Experience Phase, you begin to live out what you have planned, including celebrating the fruit you see along the way.

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Results are based on eight quality characteristics of growing churches

Each of the 8 qualities are biblically based

Empowering leadership

Gift-based ministry

Passionate spirituality

Effective structures

Inspiring worship service

Holistic small groups

Need-oriented evangelism

Loving relationships

Take a look

Inside the NCD Church Profile results

How it works

Get started with 3 easy steps


Order an NCD Church Profile & additional Profile Plus.

30 members of your congregation fill out the survey.


Get your results and see which areas to grow with our resources.

Get our FREE eBook and learn about the 8 key factors of a healthy church.

Join thousands of churches using NCD

"When we did the survey for the first time we were shocked and enlightened. We were able to really see tangible changes in our church and other church plants as we addressed the areas of need and celebrated the areas that were healthy.”

—  Ron Steslow

Choose the package that works for your church

NCD Church Profile

NCD Church profile shows the basic scores of eight qualities and provides follow-up information related to the minimum factor


Coupon codes with free access to eTests on to discover your spiritual gifts, spiritual style, leadership, stewardship, etc.

Shows the basic scores of eight qualities 

Provides follow-up information related to the minimum factor (the quality with the lowest score)


Includes NCD Church Profile and NCD Profile PLUS for a discounted price


Includes NCD Church Profile and NCD Profile PLUS for a discounted price

NCD Profile Plus provides a deeper level of analysis of the NCD Church Profile


A more detailed report of NCD Church Profile showing the score for each question under each of the eight qualities

This report concludes by showing the 10 highest scored and 10 lowest scored questions, giving you immediate input about what to work on

NCD Profile PLUS

Accessible only with NCD Church Profile that you have purchased before

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